Are These The Last Aerial Photographs Of St. Michael's Mount?

The historic island and castle of St. Michael's Mount is one of the most photographed landmarks in Cornwall, so much so that it has its own collection in the gallery.

Indeed 'The Mount' is such an idyllic location it is rumoured to be being used to film the prequel to Game of Thrones - called House of The Dragon.

michaels mount sunset

Golden Sunset by Charlie Newlands

While popular for photography, taking aerial photographs of the Mount has been complicated by the fact that it is surrounded by National Trust Land - on which drones are prohibited.


Marazion To St. Michael's Mount by Brendan Fitzgerald

By carefully selecting a launching and landing site, it has still be possible for drone operators to fly to the Mount to photograph it.* That is, until now...

st. michael's mount

St. Michael's Mount Portrait by George Cryer

However, the days of taking aerial photographs of St. Michael's Mount are now effectively over! The reason for this is that the Mount lies in a newly established Flight Restricted Zone, to protect helicopter flights from Penzance to The Isles of Scilly from the new Penzance Heliport.

 michaels mount panorama

St. Michael's Mount Panorama by Duncan Scobie

Drones are not permitted within two nautical miles of the heliport which means that, without special permission, the days of photographing the Mount from the air by drone are over.

st michael's mount dawn

St. Michael's Mount Sunrise by Kristian Ponsford

You might still, of course, get a good shot from the helicopter!

By Jamie Turnbull

* We ask that all our photographers: follow the drone code, hold all necessary CAA permissions, have complied with all rules and restrictions, and have sought all required permissions for their images. Perrans Above accepts no liability for images which are obtained without the necessary permissions, or which break the law.