Developing From The Negative ~ Seeing Bodmin Moor Anew

I predominantly photograph seascapes. During the Coronavirus lockdowns I was obviously unable to travel to my usual spots on the Cornish coasts to take pictures.

frosty morning bodmin moor

Frosty Morning near Cardinham, Bodmin Moor by Carl Brightman

I soon realised that this was a golden opportunity to explore, experience and experiment with new locations. I had more time to explore my local area and shoot the rural countryside.

millpool bodmin sunset

Sunset, Millpool, Bodmin Moor by Carl Brightman

I also discovered that by visiting areas at different times of day - for example at sunrise and sunset, that you can get acquainted with how the light and mood brings the landscape alive. This familiarity really opens your eyes and you get to see the hidden beauty revealed.

cardinham bodmin moor

Landscape near Cardinham, Bodmin Moor by Carl Brightman

I’ve also had time to try out new techniques and be more creative. By experimenting, and having failures and successes, I’ve used the time to get a little bit better at my craft.

hawks tor bodmin moor

Landscape of Hawks Tor, Bodmin Moor by Carl Brightman

I now have a new love of the Bodmin countryside and Moors, and plan to capture a lot more inland shots.

tor bodmin moor

Self-Portrait at Sunset by Carl Brightman

I’m focusing on how the local countryside and Moors change throughout the seasons. I have found this to be a big positive to a very negative situation.

By Carl Brightman