Exploring Perranporth ~ What To See

Are you visiting Perranporth this year? Do you want to know some of the things to see and do? If so, read on...

This is our guide on what to see and do in and around Perranporth.

Perranporth is famous for its two miles of sandy beach, but there are many things to see and explore: from valley and cliff walks, to green spaces, to sites of historical interest.

perranporth village panorama

 Perranporth West by Jamie Turnbull

As this picture shows: there are lots of green spaces to explore in the middle of Perranporth. The Clock Gardens, for instance, are a great place to sit for lunch, and are always alive with colour.

To the West lies Perranporth Beach. To the East lies Perrancoombe Valley, which is just one of several beautiful valleys surrounding Perranporth - and a great place for a sheltered walk on windy days.

perranporth beach

Perranporth Beach by Jamie Turnbull

Perranporth is famous for its beach, and you can see why! It has several pools (both sea and fresh water), the only bar on a beach in the UK, and numerous shipwrecks.

It is also the site where Winston Graham wrote his Poldark novels, and where Howard Blake was inspired to write the music to The Snowman.

perranporth boating lake

Boating Lake Dawn by Jamie Turnbull

The Boating Lake lies in the middle of Perranporth. It was opened in 1926, and was made in the shape of a boat!

The boating lake and gardens are home to many ducks and geese. They are also a great place for a spot of boating, a picnic, or a round of pitch and putt.

bolenna fields

 Bolenna Fields by Jamie Turnbull

Bolenna Fields are a short walk from the centre of Perranporth. Here there is: a five-a-side football pitch, a basketball court, childrens' playground, exercise equipment, and tennis courts.

The fields are a great place to visit to get some exercise, or if you have little ones that need to expend some energy!

droskyn sea pinks

 Sea Pinks at Droskyn By Jamie Turnbull

For those with a sense for adventure, Perranporth offers spectacular cliff walks to both Holywell Bay to the North and St. Agnes to the South. The cliffs between St. Agnes and Perranporth offer some of the most awe-inspiring views on the North Coast of Cornwall.

The coast path runs through the remains of Cornwall's mining heritage. Walkers are advised to stick to the path, as you are never far away from a mine shaft (as in the above picture!).

piran round

 Perran Round by Jamie Turnbull

For those looking for some history, Perran Round lies just 1.5 miles outside of Perranporth on the road to Goonhavern. It is the best surviving example of the Medieval amphitheatres, known as plen-an-gwary, which were used to perform the Cornish miracle plays.

Perran Round is a great place for little ones to run around. It is even possible to walk around 'the moat' running around the outside of the round, depending upon the condition of the vegetation.

This is the second in our series of articles exploring Perranporth from the air. The first article was about exploring Perranporth Beach at extreme tides. The next article will be on what to see on the beach, so look out for that in the near future.

By Jamie Turnbull