Our Most Popular Pictures Of 2021

It's just over a year ago that our online gallery of aerial photography covering Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly first opened. In that time 30,000 people from 75 countries have visited the gallery.

Throughout 2021 we've added many new pictures to the gallery, as well as articles exploring Cornwall from the air, and new photographs from our photographers on Facebook and Instagram.

In total, we've shared more than 500 pictures of Cornwall from above. What follows are the pictures that have been most popular this year.


Most Viewed Picture In The Gallery

Our most popular picture in the gallery, viewed some 750 times over the course of the year, is this picture of Fowey by Brendan Fitzgerald.


Fowey by Brendan Fitzgerald


Most Engaging Picture In The Gallery

While the above picture was the most popular in terms of number of views, the picture that people spent the longest time looking at was Jubilee Pool From Above by Duncan Scobie. A shot of the Jubilee Swimming Pool in Penzance.

jubilee pool penzance

Jubilee Pool From Above by Duncan Scobie


Best Selling Picture In The Gallery

Our best selling picture on the gallery this year is Chapel Rock and Surf Club, by Jamie Turnbull, which is a shot of the Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club Ladies paddling around Chapel Rock Perranporth.

surf club chapel rock perranporth

Chapel Rock and Surf Club by Jamie Turnbull


Most Widely Read Blog

Of all of the articles that we've published on the gallery this year our blog post Exploring Perranporth ~ Extreme Tides proved to be the most popular, being read 3,650 times!

watering hole perranporth

Watering Hole Sunrise by Jamie Turnbull


Most Viewed Facebook Post

Our most popular post on Facebook was this vertical panorama of 'The Prison', which is a collapsed sea cave on the North Coast of Cornwall between Perranporth and St. Agnes, which was viewed by over 90,000 people on Facebook.

The popularity of this picture appears to be down to the fact that while many people are familiar with this stretch of coastline, 'The Prison' itself cannot be seen from the coast path.

This photograph thus reveals a familiar location to contain a spectacular geological feature that cannot otherwise be seen, and would not otherwise be known to be there. It is testament to the power of aerial photography to reveal novel features of landscapes that we're already familiar with; and so allow us to see them in new ways.

By Jamie Turnbull