Photo-Synthesis ~ A Tree Bought & Planted With Each Order

 When you place an order on our website a tree is bought and planted, just for you.

We love trees! And, for many reasons: Trees evolved to be sensitive to light far before human beings invented cameras. Not only are trees good for the environment, but they also make fantastic subject matter for photographs - automatically adding highlights and shadows to any shot. 

nearly home trees cornwall

'Nearly Home Trees' By Duncan Scobie

The above are just a few reasons why we have chosen to use Ecologi to help Perrans Above make a positive climate impact. Each time an order is placed on the Perrans Above Gallery, Ecologi plant a tree.

You can see the positive impact that we're having on our Ecologi dashboard, or by checking out the number of trees that we've planted below.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

By Jamie Turnbull