Temporary Exposure ~ The Wreck of La Seine

History quite literally re-emerged from the sands of time on Perranporth beach recently, when the remains of La Seine became exposed and we got to see this 120 year old shipwreck!

La Seine was a French Clipper, said to be en route from Chile to Falmouth with a cargo of saltpetre (nitrates), when it ran aground in a gale on Perranporth Beach in December 1900.


la seine beached

La Seine beached

The crew of 24 men and 1 boy survived, but the ship was damaged by the force of the sea and could not be righted.

At 2185 tons the wreck became a hazard, and is said to have subsequently been blown up by the army. Its remains have been visible from time to time, more recently in the early 1980s’.

Shifting sandbanks and exceptionally low spring tides were the catalyst for La Seine to become exposed again, when we were able to photograph it from above.


shipwreck perranporth

Wreck of La Seine by Jamie Turnbull


la seine from above

La Seine from Above by Jamie Turnbull


More information about La Seine can be found at:

      By Jamie Turnbull