The photographers exhibiting in our gallery are available for commissions across Cornwall. Aerial photographs of your home, or as a family portrait, can make for stunning and unique gifts that will last a lifetime.

If you'd like to book an aerial photographer for a commission the please get in touch with us at

Our photographers have different styles, so if there is a particular photographer that you'd like to work with then please let us know or contact the photographer directly.

Commissioned pictures can either be supplied to you or made available to purchase from our gallery, in the sizes and frames that you require, and delivered directly to your door.


Aerial Portraits Of Your Home

A aerial photograph of your property can make a remarkable centerpiece for your home, or a unique gift to be treasured by a loved one.

aerial property photography cornwall

© Jamie Turnbull

Aerial photographs of your home can show how it fits into the landscape, and the place where you live, in new and surprising ways.

aerial property photography

© Brendan Fitzgerald

We are often asked to take portraits of properties to mark special occasions, such as for anniversaries or for Christmas gifts, or to show extensions and improvements.

See your property in a whole new light, with a commissioned aerial picture.


Aerial Family Portraits

Having family portraits taken from above opens up a whole new world of possibilities, in which the only limitation is your own imagination. An aerial family portrait can be a unique and fun way to remember family life and loved ones, and also make fantastic gifts.

aerial photography family portraits

© Jamie Turnbull

Create a unique family portrait that can be treasured with an aerial photography shoot.


Aerial Wedding Photography

Aerial photographs of your special day are a unique way to capture the location of and guests at your wedding. Aerial photographers often work alongside traditional wedding photographers to provide additional images to help capture those special moments.


drone wedding photography

© Gareth Tibbs

Other Services

Many of our photographers also provide other closely related photography, videography, and drone services.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I contacted Perrans Above to ask if they could take a picture for a present, as it was quite a specific photo i wanted. Perrans Above were amazing and nothing was too much trouble. The pictures were so much better than I imagined and I had a selection to choose from. Perrans Above also printed and framed the picture and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend Perrans Above and I will definitely be asking them to take more photos in the future". Lee-Anne Bray, Perranporth