Affiliate Help

How to share Perrans Above content as an affiliate...

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When you affiliate to the Perrans Above Gallery we will send you some tracking cookies, so that any sales that result from content that you share can be attributed back to you.

The cookies look like this:

tracking cookies

It's important that you use the exact cookies that we send you, as each set of cookies is unique.

How do I use the tracking cookies?

Simply copy and paste the cookies on to the end of the link that you want to share. So if, for example, you were sharing a link to our Perranporth Collection page at:


      Then adding the tracking cookies on to the end of the address, your link would become:

      url and cookies

      You can add the same tracking cookies to any link to the gallery that you share: such as to our products, collections, or blog pages.


      How do I test that cookies are working?

      The easiest way to see if your cookies are working is to copy the whole link (link plus cookies)  into the address bar on your browser, and then click go. If you're taken to the page that you're linking to, and can see the cookies in the address bar, then it is likely that the cookies are working.

      If you get an error message (such as page 404), or are not taken to the page that you were linking to, then the address is broken and you need to try and add the cookies again.


      How do I place affiliate links into marketing emails?

      If you're sending an email to your customer email marketing list, then simply embed the affiliate link as a hyperlink into the email. You can check that this works by clicking on the link in the email, and following the steps described in the 'How do I test that cookies are working?' section above.


      How do I share an affiliate link on Facebook?

      To share an affiliate link of Facebook copy and paste the whole link (link plus cookies) into the 'Create Post' box. Once the page preview appears then select the link text (Control and A on a PC, or Command and A on a Mac), and delete it. The page preview should remain in the Create Post box, even when the link text has been deleted. You can then add whatever text that you want to the post, and share.


      How do I see my profits from sales?

      We will send you a link to a Google Drive spreadsheet listing any sales that come from affiliate links that you've shared, and your share of profit. Spreadsheets are updated once a month.