Affiliate Program


"Being a Perrans Above affiliate partner provides us with high quality content to share with our audiences, and also allows us to monitise the process at the same time".

Tim Burns, Around Kernow Holidays

What is the affiliate program?

Our affiliate program allows businesses to generate revenue from sharing our content through their social media profiles or email newsletters.

This is mutually beneficial ~ Perrans Above get increased visibility with potential customers, and increased sales, and our affiliates get:

  • to share free content that customers find engaging
  • a share of profits on sales
  • prizes for competitions
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In exchange for distribution on your social media channels or email newsletter, we can also provide prizes for any competition that you may wish to run.

Our worldwide network of print partners allows us to manufacture and deliver prizes in the USA, EU, or Australia - allowing you to engage a global audience of potential customers in any competition.

If you're a business with customers interested in Cornwall then read on to find out more...

Who is the affiliates program for?

If you're a business whose customers love Cornwall and the beauty of Cornwall, and you have a social media profile or email marketing list that you regularly use to communicate with your customers, then we'd be interested in talking to you.

How does it work?

We often create new photography collections in the gallery, or pieces of photo-journalism for our blog, and share them on social media.

We send our affiliates trackable links to share on their social media profiles, or in their email marketing newsletters. For sales that result from these shares our affiliate receive a minimum of 5% profit from the sale.

Alternatively, we can provide prizes for any competition that you might wish to run. Our global networks of partners allows us to handle manufacture and delivery worldwide. You simply tell us who your prize winners are, and we handle manufacture and delivery for you.

I'm interested. What do I do next?

If you're interested then please email us at

Another way of thinking about it...

Running a business online comes with overheads such as an internet advertising budget, which ultimately ends up being paid to multi-national companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

We would rather pay or give back to local businesses that already have an audience of customers that love Cornwall, and can help share our content more 'organically'.

More information for affiliates can be found here.