About Us

Perrans Above is an online gallery of aerial photography that is a celebration of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as they’ve never been seen before.

Cornwall is famous around the world for the exceptional beauty of its rolling countryside, its rugged and picturesque coastlines, dramatic beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place nested in public and cultural memory as one of idyllic seaside holidays, and ancient myths and legends.


st pirans oratory


Perrans Above is a venture in capturing the incredibly diverse scenery of Cornwall, along with its historical and cultural monuments, in novel and unique ways. The aim being to show the beauty of Cornwall in new ways, and in the process reveal novel beauty that has hitherto lain uncaptured and so unappreciated.  

Our gallery is also a space to see the emerging art of aerial photography by the use of drones, or, as we would rather call them flying cameras. Cornwall has a rich artistic heritage, and our gallery aims to exhibit the best work of some of the pioneers in this novel art form.

We hope that you enjoy the pictures.

Image: St. Piran's Oratory, Perranzabuloe (the earliest Christian site in Great Britain). Photographer: Jamie Turnbull