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Cornwall is, geographically, a peninsula. It is distant from the centre, and on the margins or periphery of the country: a place where the land communes with the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean which surrounds it.

Yet Cornwall’s distance from the centre is not just geographical, but psychological and artistic. The artists of Cornwall have long conceived of themselves as on the edge of society and creativity. Staring into the profound beauty of Cornwall and the wild sublimity of the Atlantic Ocean, in an effort to make us look again and see in new ways.

Our Promise

Creative work is often undervalued in society, and creatives asked to work for free or for exposure. We believe in artists being fairly paid for their creative work, and we also believe in being transparent about where your money goes.

When you buy a picture:

•    the photographer receives 65% of the profit

•    our investors receive 25% of the profit
•    our charity, BDMLR, receive 10% of the profit

In this way your money goes to supporting the photographers of Cornwall, and the marine wildlife of the British Coast.

Are you an aerial photographer?

We’re always on the lookout for new work to be exhibited in the gallery.
If you’re an aerial photographer, and have some photographs of Cornwall that you’d like to be considered for the gallery, then please get in touch with us at: hello@perransabove.co.uk

More information can be found on our information for photographers page.

*Image: Dawn self-portrait off Droppy Nose Point, Bryher, Isles Of Scilly. Photographer: Jamie Turnbull