Information For Photographers

The idea is simple

It’s called economic clustering.

It’s the reason why the City Of London, Saville Row, and Harley Street exist. The Bankers, Tailors, and Doctors might be in competition with each other, but they all mutually benefit from being in a single location.

Cornish drone photographers can all benefit from a single gallery in which we can show our work. It gives customers a single point of reference from which to view and buy.

What is Perrans Above?

On the face of it a gallery, but in reality much more. It is a platform that integrates with manufacturing and distribution networks around the world.

Our manufacturing partners have 50 print laboratories in 10 countries, and offer global distribution.

This gives your picture a global marketplace.

In theory your picture can be manufactured and shipped from anywhere in the world, and produced and delivered at a local level – and all to set quality standards.

We currently sell in: UK, EU, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

What’s in it for me?

Simplicity: Setup is simple. All we require are a copy of your images, and a brief description of each. We do all the rest free of charge.

Time: Our manufacturing partners handle printing, framing, and delivery. This means that you can make money from your pictures with zero time cost to you. This leaves you completely free to run your other businesses or do your day job.

Profit: You will receive 65% of the profits from any sales of your picture.

Visibility: We offer a global reach in terms of both sales and marketing. We have 10 years of experience running a digital marketing agency with an international client base and so we know how to target people interested in buying images of Cornwall around the world.

Copyright: You maintain the rights to all of your images.

Transparency: Photographers are granted read access to our Google Analytics reports so that they can see how sales are performing. We are also working on an alert system that will automatically notify you when one of your pictures is sold.

Security: We run the Pixsy copyright image tracking system on the gallery. If any of your images are stolen by a third party and used for commercial purposes then we will alert you. You can then decide if you want to pursue a claim for damages.

Peace of Mind: We handle all customer queries: such as 'damage in transit' and refund enquires.

Cooperation: We hope that by working together we can amplify the reach of Cornish drone photography around the world, and grow the market together. We strongly believe that if business doesn’t work for everyone, then it doesn’t work.


I’m interested. What do I do next?

Step one is simply to get in touch with us at .

We will then ask you to submit some images for consideration.

If we accept your images, and you agree that you would like to proceed to the next stage, we will ask you to supply a single image in the highest quality .jpg format and exclude any watermark.

If you decide that you would like to go ahead, we will then ask you to send:

•    your collection of images image in the highest quality .jpg format and exclude any water marks

•    a brief descriptions of each image
•    a short bio
•    a portrait shot of yourself

After that you simply collect your image royalty payments.


Requirements & Liability

We ask that all photographers comply with the following conditions:

  • Follow the drone code
  • Hold all necessary CAA permissions
  • Own the copyright to their images
  • Have complied with all rules and restrictions
  • Have sought all required permissions for their images

Perrans Above (Find Me On The Internet Limited) accepts no liability for images that breach copyright, or which are obtained without the necessary permissions, or which break the law.

The above are requirments of exhibiting in the Perrans Above gallery, and are accepted by exhibiting.