Flying Through Truro Cathedral ~ Choristers Sing For G7

What's it like to look down on Truro Choristers from the vaulted ceilings of Truro Cathedral? What does an Angel's-eye view of the Cathedral look like?

Cornwall will host the G7 next week. Sing2G7 is a new song that aims to give children a way to communicate with world leaders, and to educate them through music.

Here Duncan Scobie gives you an exclusive behind the scenes look at filming for the Sing2G7 music video.

Truro Choristers sing Sing2G7 in Truro Cathedral

The song Sing2G7 calls on the history of the number 7, and what makes it unique and different. By the time the G7 summit starts the organisers of Sing2G7 hope that 50,000 young singers from all over the world will have joined the programme in singing, learning, and sharing the message to world leaders.

inside truro cathedral

Angel's Eye View of Truro Cathedral by Duncan Scobie

Duncan Scobie was the aerial cameraman for the Sing2G7 video. Flying a drone inside a building like Truro Cathedral is difficult because all of the usual safety features, such as the GPS system and proximity sensors, need to be switched off.

Aerial Footage of Truro Cathedral

What this means is that the drone will not hover in place, and needs to be constantly controlled. Strong drafts create additional risks, as air rushes to equalise pressure around large buildings. In short, getting aerial footage in this location required an expert pilot. 

truro catherdral

Portrait of Truro Cathedral by Duncan Scobie

Duncan explained that as he was giving the safety briefing to the Choristers one of them put his hand up to say that he had a drone at home, and so could appreciate just how much skill was going to be required to fly around the inside of the Cathedral.

duncan scobie sing2g7

Duncan Scobie flying in Truro Cathedral

The Sing2G7 project has been getting the attention of the world's media.

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By Jamie Turnbull