Appearing On A Wall Near You

Putting together collections for the gallery we went through lots of different photographs, and different types of printing. As a result we ended up with sample prints that didn't make it in to the gallery, but are now one-off totally unique pictures.

Looking at these, it just so happens that we have two pictures of Perranporth Beach: one of which features The Seiners Arms, and the other The Watering Hole.

(These are two of our favourite places to spend an evening; and we're sure that anyone who has been on holiday to Perranporth can relate to watching the sea or the beach from the Seiners, or the sunset from the Watering Hole).

We would prefer these prints to be out in the community, being enjoyed by people that can look at them, rather than sitting in our office. For this reason we are giving these pictures to the Seiners Arms and The Watering Hole respectively.

What follows is a little bit about each venue, and each of these pictures:



The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole started as a shack on the beach selling ice-creams in 1978. It is the only bar on a beach in the UK, and the sandbank on which it sits is constantly maintained and reinforced to stop it being flooded during storms or on spring high tides.


watering hole perranporth

The Watering Hole

I love this photo precisely because it shows The Watering Hole on its sand bank.



The Seiners Arms

The Seiners Arms was built on the site of some old pilchard curing cellars, and Victorian tennis courts. It is named after the the local fishermen who used Seine boats and nets to catch pilchards and herring.


seiners arms perranporth

The Seiners Arms

I love this photo because it shows the huge water-frontage of The Seiners.



Appearing On A Wall Near You

The above pictures will hopefully be up on the walls in The Seiners Arms and The Watering Hole for everyone to see in the not too distant future.


*At the time of writing, the beginning of November 2020, we are just about to enter the second Coronavirus lockdown in the UK. This is obviously going to be very hard for our local venues, such as our local pubs and bars, and so we all need to make a point of supporting them as much as possible when we come out the other side.

By Jamie Turnbull