Perranporth Lifeguard Training

We were asked to go and take some photos of the Perranporth RNLI training new recruits at Hanover Cove.

Hanover Cove is named after the ship the Hanover, which was wrecked there in 1763. Out of the 67 people on board only 3 survived!

It is dangerous coastline, with hidden underwater rocks and few places to get out of the water should you find yourself in it. A fitting place to be trained how to save lives at sea.

 rnli at hanover cove

RNLI at Hanover Cove by Jamie Turnbull

With holidays abroad restricted this year, Cornwall is due to be very busy.

Perranporth lifeguards are expected to deal with about 2,000 incidents and so being well prepared is crucial.

Incidents will include: giving first aid, searching for lost children, and saving people from rip currents and tidal cut-offs. Being cut off by the tide can happen very easily, especially on spring tides when the sea moves quickly.

tidal cut off perranporth

Tidal Cutoff at Perranporth by Jamie Turnbull

Here's a shot of people scrambling over rocks at Perranporth, having been cut off by the tide last year. Luckily they only ended up getting wet, and didn't need rescuing on this occasion.

To prepare for emergencies Lifeguards practice rescuing an unconscious casualty from rocks, using an 11 stone orange mannequin.

unconscious tube rescue of casualty from rocks

RNLI Exercises by Jamie Turnbull

These Lifeguards are being assessed for inflatable rescue boat and rescue water craft (jetski) operations.

lifeguards resting

RNLI Ribs Top Down by Jamie Turnbull

Lifeguards take a well deserved five minute rest from training.

  • If you happen to find yourself in trouble in the water, then the best thing to do is follow the advice from the RNLI's 'Float To Live' campaign.
  • You can find out more about St. Agnes and Perranporth Lifeguards in this recent article from The Guardian.
  • You can follow Perranporth Lifeguards on Instagram here.

By Jamie Turnbull