Watersports At Perranporth On A High Tide

On Friday the 16th of April 2021 I headed to Flat Rocks Perranporth to take some photos of the high tide.

The sea was calm, with a clean little wave. People had obviously spotted that the conditions were going to be ideal for watersports as there were lots in the sea. I managed to get some photographs and footage of people enjoying a beautiful morning on the water.

I guess this is what you might see on a typical calm high tide on a sunny morning at Perranporth Beach...

paddleboarder perranporth

Paddle Boarding Top Down by Jamie Turnbull

A paddleboader catches a wave in exceptionally clear water.


sea boating perranporth

Surf Boat by Jamie Turnbull

Two out in what looks like a Gaisford boat.


Swimmers: part of a group of six local ladies that are training for a relay swim from Land's End to the Isles of Scilly.


scilly swim challenge training

Top Down Swimmers by Jamie Turnbull

The ladies are swimming in aid of Surfers Against Sewage. You can find out more about their adventures and training on their Facebook page.


boat perranporth

A canoeist out in the bay.


This guy in a little red canoe get some epic rides in, so I decided to follow him.


surf canoe perranporth

Canoe Wave by Jamie Turnbull

The joy of canoe surfing.


As those I spoke to whilst walking back across the beach agreed, it really was a handsome morning for it.

By Jamie Turnbull